become a licensee

For a small monthly fee become a mojo licensee and start or grow your current business with complete customization. Whether you are a real estate, design or retail professional, or are looking for a new challenge, our licensees have access to our complete set of tools to create or modify and furnish their own client's models, including the ability to upload 3D models of existing spaces, textures, finishes, and products. Start the conversation, showcase your expertise, and wow them with you knack for getting it just right! 


Our solution is a great conversation starter with your clients

Our mojo interactive 3D models are an exciting and affordable product on their own right, and a conversation starter for bigger projects with your clients. Licensees offer their clientele a complete solution of what projects will look like once completed or what spaces entering the market could look like if renovated or simply de-cluttered. If you are a real estate, design or retail professional, you already know that most people have a very hard time visualizing the final result of their project and therefore have difficulties to imagine or properly value the product or service you are offering. Our solution will give you the edge needed to get the conversation started with your clients, build or grow your business, and bring both of your dreams to reality!