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Whether you are a real estate agent, builder, developer, contractor, office manager or other real estate professional, you know the value of any given space, and can see its possibilities even when your clients can't. Our mojo real estate solutions showcase your space to its full potential, without the distraction of current clutter and decor. Yet to build? Our models take the guesswork out of pre sales and the confusion out of custom, what more could you ask for? The time your clients invest exploring your space will translate into the best marketing investment you can make, to say nothing of how good we'll make you look! 




designing space

Interior designers, decorators, home stagers, renovators; as design professionals you can see the endless options any given space has, but can your client? All of our gorgeous mojo 3D interactive models come with a library of furniture, accessories, and decor that you can easily move or change to start the design conversation. Creating your design plan and showing it off to your clients has never been this easy, nor has it been this fun.....promise!

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selling design

As a retailer, distributor or manufacturer how many times have you heard a client say "I love your chair, tile, lamp, fireplace, bed, rug, hardwood floor, bathtub, sports car..., but I just don't know how it will fit in my space"? Become a licensee with mojo, and solve that problem for good! You will be able to upload your 3D models into our library, and create a virtual and interactive showroom for your clients to experience. Want to go the extra mile? Offer them a mojo 3D interactive model of their own space. Add your expertise, and your products will be flying off the shelves! (unless of course they're really heavy in which case they may need a hand)


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